Monday night sunset whale watch Belmar NJ

Linda writes:

Let me start with my simple statement of last evening: simply beautiful and awesome.

Last evening went on a whale sunset/moonrise cruise. The timing of the moonrise and sunset was that we would be able to see both and the moon was almost full and it is a super moon.

Started off heading northeast out of the inlet on a mostly clear evening with sone clouds and haze. Temperature on the water was mild to cool with it feeling perfect adding a layer to keep comfortable. Around Long Branch, a spout was spotted and we found a humpback whale! We were treated to some up close views as the whale at times as he swam over to us. Saw his tail many times and when he lifted it, the passengers were delighted and oohed and aahed. The children onboard were fantastic in finding the whale and saying “tail, tail, tail” hoping each time the whale would raise his tail!

The whale did some lunge feeding through bait balls and some tail throwing and lobbing! Wow, wow, wow! The power of that motion and strength as it hits the water with a loud “ thump”!

As the evening proceeded, the sun was setting in a beautiful pink haze that casted it’s pink onto the ocean. The whale was swimming in the pinks and silver and gold colors making everything look so beautiful. The sun eventually was hidden by clouds/haze as sunset time approached. Looking east, the moon rose from behind the haze, a beautiful full moon! Spoke to people from Indiana and they were in awe. It was fun being able to experience this trip with them. Okay, does it get any better? Saw everything I hoped for: whale, sunset and moonrise, beautiful evening! The Jersey Girl delivered the perfect trip!

A great weekend of whale watching

Sunday, June 25th: Today’s whale watching trip was one of the best! With storm clouds closing in along the coast, we decided to head farther off shore where it was sunny and warm to look for our marine mammals. After we got several miles offshore we began to see lots of bait balls which was an incredibly good sign. After cruising North past Asbury, heading into Long Branch, we were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by two humpback whales and loads of dolphins. They were lunge feeding, moving fast, and continuously coming up to the surface. At one point we had each whale on either side of the boat! The dolphins were also surfing alongside the whales and slapping their tails! The whales kept coming very close to the boat which allowed for amazing photos and videos. The guests onboard as well as our crew members were screaming out of joy! As if it even could get any better, we then saw a sea turtle cruising alongside the boat on our return home! It was another gorgeous and successful trip.

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