Can you tell me more about the boat?

Our excellent boat, the Jersey Girl, was hand-picked specifically for the purpose of whale watching. Its 115 ft. length ensures that everyone will have room on the boat, and that it won’t shake at all during the trip. There is also a bathroom on the ship, and a bar.


What about food?

You can bring your own food on the trip, or alternatively you can buy it on the boat. Not only is the boat supplied with water, soda, and snacks, but there is also a grill where you can get sandwiches and burgers from as well.



Yes, you can bring your own beer. We do not sell our own alcohol on the boat.


How far do you go?

Land is visible at all times on the trip. We only go a few miles off the shore at most, and head either north all the way up to Sandy Hook, or south down to [Town name here]. In fact, some of our best whale sightings are right off the coast!

A picture of a whale with the beach in sight.
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