A great weekend of whale watching

Sunday, June 25th: Today’s whale watching trip was one of the best! With storm clouds closing in along the coast, we decided to head farther off shore where it was sunny and warm to look for our marine mammals. After we got several miles offshore we began to see lots of bait balls which was an incredibly good sign. After cruising North past Asbury, heading into Long Branch, we were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by two humpback whales and loads of dolphins. They were lunge feeding, moving fast, and continuously coming up to the surface. At one point we had each whale on either side of the boat! The dolphins were also surfing alongside the whales and slapping their tails! The whales kept coming very close to the boat which allowed for amazing photos and videos. The guests onboard as well as our crew members were screaming out of joy! As if it even could get any better, we then saw a sea turtle cruising alongside the boat on our return home! It was another gorgeous and successful trip.

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